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FSI Declaration in English

We are looking for better diagnostics and treatment in Swedish healthcare
Our goal, of course, is that we are constantly up to date on the latest international research, and we spend a lot of time, partly by sharing most of the new scientific articles and studies that concern our area of ??interest, and partly because we get a lot of help from our scientific council, with three doctors and one pharmacist. Our work is purely and exclusively based on science and proven experience.

Please note that we do not actively advice anyone to go abroad in search for care! On the other hand, there are a number of members who choose that option because they do not consider that there is sufficient care on offer in Sweden. We cannot stop that, and of course we are happy to follow their journey with great interest. However, we know from experience that everyone does not get better from health care abroad, although some do. It is also very expensive. The diseases we are focusing on are very difficult to cure at present, both in Sweden and abroad - everyone should be clear about this. On the other hand, we know there is more to do in Sweden in order to make more people feel better. The aim is, of course, that everyone will receive adequate care in Sweden.

What is the membership fee for?
The association aims to establish contact with authorities, politicians, other important bodies, decision makers and representatives of the medical community. The association also monitors both national and international research acts as a knowledge-spreader, not least through our open Facebook forum, but also via our news page.

Membership fee is required to create a budget for the costs incurred in this work. All board work is done ideally, without fees, and at leisure time. Please read the draft business plan for the next annual meeting in spring 2019.

About the association's logo
The association's logo is an "Awareness band" with three colors.
The blue, purple and green has some thought behind it
The association has the ambition to work for improved diagnosis and treatment for several different severely diagnosed diseases. The choice of colors is based on some of these, namely:
- Blue for ME / CFS
- Purple for fibromyalgia
- Green for Lyme/borreliosis and co-infections
The three colors move smoothly into one another to convey the purpose of the association as it acts for many different diseases whose symptoms may be overlapping.

Contact details
We at the Board would like to start strategic cooperation’s with representatives of Swedish healthcare, as well as other patient associations with similar interests. You are welcome to contact us! If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at the following e-mail address: styrelsen@fsi-sverige.se

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