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Sweden needs help for better diagnosis, treatment and knowledge about tick-borne diseases

Publicerad lördag 4 mar 2017, 04:13

NYHETERThe top doctor in Sweden for treatment of advanced Lyme disease has been suspended from practicing medicine, leaving hundreds of patients without care in a country with a large and growing problem of tick-borne diseases

Dr. Kenneth Sandström at a Lyme disease conference in Philadelphia last year.

Read about the Swedish doctor who got his license revoked for treating Lyme disease patients with ILADS guidelines that should be commonly accepted by the healthcare system (Huffington post US)

Patrik Saikkonen (board member FSI) has the word
We in the boarder are a group with different backgrounds and educations, who all have experiences of chronic infectious diseases in the family or ourselves. We have decided to take control of our health situation and work towards finding out what disease or infection has created all these severe and varying symptoms that resembles: Fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, ME/CFS, Bartonella, Babesia, Mycoplasma, viral infections, and other types of infections/conditions that are hard to detect and systemic.

We wish to improve testing of these diseases in Sweden and eventually spread knowledge globally. This is a struggle when we all need to figure out these things ourselves and demand help from the healthcare system. They won't help us willingly and dont take our problems seriously. Just look at chairman Mats and his wife Claudias story. There are many, many thousands of stories where doctors have failed us and ignored our health problems all over the world. Millions are suffering in the United States alone.

In the meantime we will try to find relief with alternative treatments or treatments abroad which unfortunately is not an option for many, especially those without the economy to pursue such treatments. We need to help ourselves and others with these diseases.

Spearheading to this group is Mats Lindström whose wife Claudia has been very ill and was dependent on a wheelchair. As you could see she is much better now, not cured by any means. She has a better life quality and can actually enjoy more of life again. Mats has not only helped her tremendously, he has created a knowledge sharing database on facebook with 2300 members called Databas ME/CFS on Facebook. He has great influence in this field because he has dedicated himself to cure/get her wife better and also help others in Sweden. He has a blog with over 667.000 views and a great network of contacts in academics and research.

Photo: Claudia Orosco Lindström
Mats Lindström, Chairman FSI, Greece november 2016

Mats will do anything and has dedicated a lot of his time & energy and resources to help all of us. Mats has performed many studies, read every study/article there is on ME/CFS, infections, general health, latest medical research in these fields. He has written over 500 articles. The other board members have also great knowledge and the synergy effect is huge, especially including the scientific council, with four great well known international researchers/doctors.

For this great work he has demanded nothing and he has changed many people's life to the better in the process.

Here Mats has compiled a list of all ME/CFS treatments we could have available to us if the health care system “made their job”.

Check out our news section

And most importantly Mats own blog

FSI is a non-profit association
Our objective is to support and work for our members. Donations go directly to promoting our members best interest in getting better and well. Without getting financially ruined in the process. We do this on our spare time. Many of us work with regular jobs in different fields, some of us are not 100% well yet. But we are getting there together.

A plead of help from all international friends of us and affected or moved by our dire situation.

We need donations to further help our cause

Bank transfer


SE14 9500 0099 6026 0818 1059

BIC-kod (SWIFT-adress):



13560 TYRESÖ

Why donate to us?
We are growing each day but we need more than just membership fees. The logic is the following: The more support and donations we get the better we can perform with our resources. The better we all will be in the future and stories like Mats and Claudias wouldn't need to happen. The doctors would be forced to help us with our diseases and we will also find the knowledge to cure our selves.

All donations are highly appreciated and will help everyone suffering a great deal.

More info about board members
(translation required)

Sincerest and kind regards

Patrik Saikkonen
Board member, accounter
The Society for Difficult to Detect Infectious Diseases in Sweden (FSI)
Email: kontakta.fsi@gmail.com

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