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TICKPLEX - what it tests for and how the study was conducted

Publicerad tisdag 16 maj 2017, 22:19

NYHETERA lack of reliable diagnostics has resulted in an increased number of false diagnoses, leading to major suffering for a misunderstood patient group. The Society for Difficult to Detect Infectious Diseases (FSI) has been given the right to publish certain parts of the TICKPLEX study, which will be made available in its entirety very soon. We also review which human pathogenic infections the test looks for and report on the study methods used.

TICKPLEX - the test that many are waiting for.
TICKPLEX is a multifunctional test kit that tests several pathogens and allows simultaneous screening for multiple types of antibodies. It detects early, persistent and late stages of various infectious diseases. The test is scientifically developed and is part-financed by the Finnish state. The launch will take place at ArminLabs, Augsburg, Germany next week with other countries to follow. The aim is for the test to be used in public health care. The principle is based on ELISA, why it is likely that TICKPLEX can be validated quickly within Swedish healthcare.

Dr Leona Gilbert's research team Tested Commitment (www.tezted.com), Jyväskylä University, Finland, publishes the news on TICKPLEX www.tickplex.com

What infections can TICKPLEX detect?
TICKPLEX will be offered in three different variants where premium is the most comprehensive and searches for 20 different pathogens. Interestingly, all three tests also look for persistent forms of the Borreliosis bacteria.

Dr Leona Gilbert has conducted extensive research into Pleomorphism. Pleomorphism means the Borreliosis bacteria can take different structural forms that make it difficult for both immune systems and antibiotics to control. In round body shape, there is no measurable metabolic activity (ATP) compared with spirochete form, so it is a resting form of the bacterium. However, the bacterium has the ability to return to spirochete form and regain its ATP activity. FSI believes that this particular discovery is extremely important in order to more easily identify those who suffer from chronic Borreliosis.

Borrelia burgdorferi
Borrelia afzelii
Borrelia garinii
Also persistent form of all three

In addition to the basic test TICKPLEX PLUS also identifies the co-infections Babesia, Bartonella (cat scratch fever), Ehrlichia and Rickettsia. In addition, opportunist infections such as Coxsackievirus, EBV, Human Parvovirus B19, Mycoplasma fermentans and Mycoplasma pneumoniae are covered. Opportunistic infections occur when the immune system is impaired.

Adds the following identification of the pathogens for Chlamydia pneumonia (twar), Chlamydia trachomatis, CMV, TBE and Brucella.

Briefly on the study
1100 serum samples from patients have been tested against 20 microbes. Serum from 200 healthy controls were used as a comparison. Blind testing was used, meaning that those who performed the tests did not know if the sample came from a healthy or infected person

The sensitivity was 95% and the specificity 98%. It is by far the best study result FSI has learned about regarding infectious diseases caused by ticks.

Some examples of non-referencing deviations
B.burgdorferi: 20% had IgM responses and 35% IgG responses
B.afzelii: 19% had IgM responses and 37% had IgG responses
B.garinii: 25% had IgM responses and 38% had IgG responses
Babesia microti: 20% had IgM responses and 32% IgG response
Bartonella hensalae: 21% had IgM responses and 29% IgG response
Twar: 28% had IgM responses and 29% IgG responses.
Otherwise, antibody responses to most bacteria, parasites and viruses were very common and commuted widely between 20-25% IgM responses and 30-40% IgG responses to the entire patient group.

75% of the patient group had at least two human pathogenic microbes and 8% had a microbial.

The Society For Difficult To Detect Infectious Diseases (DDID)
Föreningen För Svårdiagnostiserade Infektionssjukdomar (FSI)

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